Searles Lawn Weeder 200ml

Searles Lawn Weeder 200ml

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Searles Lawnweeder is for control of Mullumbimby couch, bindii, clover & other broadleaf weeds in domestic lawns & turf.

Weeds Controlled:
- Bindii
- Clover
- Chickweed
- Creeping oxalis (not TAS)
- Cudweed
- Dock
- Dandelions
- Flatweed
- Fleabane
- Lamb's tongue
- Sowthistle
- Mullumbimby couch

Active Constituents:
192g/L Bentazone present as the sodium salt
112g/L MCPA present as dimethylamine salt
19g/L Dicamba present as dimethylamine salt

200ml bottle covers 100m2