Whether you prefer pellets, granular, liquid, hose-on, or mineral fertilisers, we have you covered. Fertilisers are essential for promoting healthy plant growth, enhancing soil fertility, and ensuring your garden thrives in all conditions. They provide vital nutrients that might be lacking in your soil, including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which are crucial for plant health.

Pellet Fertilisers: Easy to apply, these slowly release nutrients over time, making them ideal for long-term nourishment.

Granular Fertilisers: Perfect for addressing specific soil deficiencies, granular types allow for targeted application and quick nutrient release.

Liquid Fertilisers: Great for a quick boost, liquid fertilisers ensure rapid absorption, helping plants that are in immediate need of nutrients.

Hose-On Fertilisers: Conveniently designed to attach to your hose for easy application, these fertilisers are perfect for covering large areas uniformly.

Mineral Fertilisers: Derived from natural mineral deposits, these are excellent for organic gardening, slowly improving soil structure and fertility over time.

Explore our comprehensive range to find the perfect fertiliser tailored to your garden’s specific needs and ensure your plants grow healthy and strong.  Come on in and one of our qualified Horticulturists can find the right fertiliser for your plants.

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