Equilibrium Natural Tea Soak Sea Salt 200g

Equilibrium Natural Tea Soak Sea Salt 200g

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Equilibrium Natural Tea Soak Sea Salt + Botanicals 200g

Equilibrium Botanicals brings you this natural tea soak that combines Australian sea salt and epsom salts with the added benefits lavender flowers, rose buds , jasmine flowers and calendula petals and blue spirulina. Your body will thank you for the chance to soak in this irresistible mixture of botanicals.

- It will detoxify the body, improves hydration, reduces muscle cramps, improves sleep.

- Lavender is the perfect addition to your bath when you have any kind of skin inflammation.
- Calendula helps to soothe and repair the skin and will help reduce itching, redness and topical inflammation
- Rose can calm the nerves, open the heart and relax the nerves
- Jasmine will keep your skin tone even, moisturise the skin and keep your skin looking youthful.

EPSOM SALTS TO soothe the body, mind & soul
- It will relax your body, good for sensitive skin, soothe back pains + aching limbs, ease muscle strain.

INGREDIENTS: Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts, Dead Sea salt, Epsom salts, rose buds, jasmine flowers, calendula petals and lavender flowers and blue spirulina.