Hills 10m Soaker Hose

Hills Hose Soaker 10m

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The Hills 10m Soaker Hose is designed specifically for efficiently watering lawns, garden beds, and vegetable patches. This innovative hose incorporates small perforations on one side, allowing for water to be released in a fine, multi-directional spray pattern when the holes are positioned upward. With an average tap pressure of approximately 200kPa, the hose can spray water across a distance of 3 to 4 metres.

When the hose is inverted, with the holes facing downward, it becomes an excellent water-saving solution. This configuration enables deep watering directly at the roots of your plants, providing them with the essential moisture they require. By focusing water delivery precisely where it’s needed, the soaker hose helps to keep your plants well-hydrated while minimising wasteful over-spray and evaporation.