Ecofend Vegetable And Gdn Spray 250ml

Searles Ecofend Vegetable & Garden Spray 250ml

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Searles Ecofend Vegetable & Garden is an organic soap based spray that makes it easy to control a range of common insects & mites. With a broad range of applicable plants and pests treated, Ecofend Vegetable & Garden can be recommended with confidence.

Active Constituent:
285 g/L Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids

100% Organic. Australian Registered Garden Product.
Made from naturally occurring organic constituents.
Low toxicity.
Organic contact spray.
Made in Australia from Australian natural ingredients.
Soap based spray for insects and mites on vegetables, fruit trees, pot plants and ornamentals.
Natural spray for outdoor crops, vegetables, fruit trees, pot plants & ornamentals.
Controls two-spotted mite, spider mite, aphids, thrips, mealybug, and whitefly.