Bone Dry 5lt

Wet & Forget Bone Dry 5lt

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Wet & Forget Bone Dry 5lt concentrate is a unique water-based polymer dispersion which is designed to moisture proof porous surfaces. This can help reduce the frequency of recurring biological growth, repel water and prevent potential stains. Bone Dry slows the growth of moss, mould and algae by keeping the porous surface a lot drier. Bone Dry will also help prevent staining from food and beverage spills on outdoor living areas.

How it works -
Bone Dry concentrate is a premium sealant for porous surfaces, that slows the biological growth of moss, mould, lichen and algae by keeping the surface dry. Bone Dry promptly seals these porous surfaces, and is difficult to remove once applied. Bone Dry should only be used after treating the surface first with the original Wet & Forget concentrate or Rapid Application.