"At Lumpy's, Even Plushies Have Pals!"

Hey little gardeners! Gather 'round for a tail-wagging tale from Lumpy's Nursery & Landscape Yard. 🌼🐾

Meet Fred and Nelly, our furry friends at the nursery. Fred's a big, strong Rottweiler, and Nelly, well, she's a goofy Groodle, always ready for fun! They run around the yard, sniffing flowers and chasing butterflies, making everyone smile.

But wait, who's that sitting by the potted plants? It's Little Freddy, our plush Rottweiler! Little Freddy watches Fred and Nelly play all day. Sometimes, he feels a tad lonely because plushies can't run as fast or sniff as well!

"Don't worry, Little Freddy," we tell him. "Your new friend is coming soon, someone who's just as cuddly and plush as you!" Can you guess who it might be? Here’s a hint: it's someone blue and super fun... Yes, it might just be Bluey!

And guess what? While Little Freddy waits for his buddy, he's hoping to find a home with one of you! That's right—you can adopt your very own Little Freddy plush toy. Take him home, and he’ll never be sad, because he’ll have you to share in giggles and adventures.

So, next time you visit us at Lumpy's, say hello to Fred and Nelly, and maybe take a Little Freddy home. He's soft, he's cuddly, and he's waiting to be part of your family. Who knows? Maybe soon, he'll have a Bluey to keep him company both at our nursery and in your home!

Until then, keep planting smiles and growing giggles with every visit to Lumpy's! 🌿💚

Get me at:  https://lumpys.com.au/collections/plush/products/fur-tastic-friends-little-freddy-rottweiler-puppy-28cm

or phone:  02 6557 6558